I have this awesome game idea, and I'd like to send it to you
    While we always enjoy interacting with fans and considering your game suggestions, we have to limit it to suggestions about the games we're making. For various legal reasons, we can't consider an original game idea you'd have, and even if it was the best idea in the world we wouldn't be able to develop it
  Can I come in for an internship/observation period? I won't bother anyone!
    Sadly, probably not. We have done internships in the past and probably will again, but for that we have various links to educational centers. If you have questions about the industry or possible employment here, the best way is still to contact us at jobs@golemlabs.com
  Can I work for you if I'm from [country]?
    Yes, we consider international hires - our main goal is to find the best people, no matter where they are. That being said, you'll have to consider getting work visas and other proper paperwork, and remember that while our games and development is often done in english, GolemLabs is a francophone environment in a francophone city, so knowing or being willing to learn french is a big bonus.
  When is the game coming out?
    We haven't released a date at this point. Our commitment is in making a great game, so it'll be released when everyone in the loop is confident we've pushed it to it's full potential.
  I don't know the first 2 games, are they still available?
    Yes, the first 2 games in the series, as well as expansions for Guild2, are available on Steam.
  Have you changed [feature/bug] from the first games?
    While "The Guild 3" is a game in the "guild" series, it is nonetheless a completely different game, using brand new technology. No code is being reused here. So, it's highly unlikely we'll be putting stuff from "The Guild" 1 and 2 in this one. As for specific features, we're releasing information as quickly as possible. So come back often.
  Will you guys make a Superpower 3?
    Everyone here, as well as everyone at NordicGames, is interested in the game, and we appreciate the fans' enthusiasm about it. So while we can't release a date just yet, we will soon!
  How is the steam version of Superpower 2 different than [other version]?
    Yes, the game has been converted for newer systems. The MP matchmaking has been upgrated, and many improvements and fixes are an integral part of this conversion. We highly recommend you get the game from Steam.
  Are the old forums coming back?
    Probably not in the form that they had, no. We're trying to do a better job at redirecting to the relevant information. That being said, the website will constantly be upgraded, so hopefully everything that was possible before will still be possible soon.
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