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It is no surprise that, as a game developer, we aspire to create and offer memorable experiences. However, our focus is clear – evolve AI to new heights. We believe that the next step in the evolution of gaming is the development of AI and although the goal is simple, it is ambitious. In order to truly offer players an adversary that is challenging, a game needs to be able to learn, adapt and react to players choices. As such, an AI that will have this capability will constantly stimulate and incite the player to evaluate their strategy and future choices.

who we are

We are a small and growing team composed of competent and creative members who recognize the importance of success as a team. Since its inception, GolemLabs has created and preserved a working ambiance that is friendly and respectful at the same time. We believe that to achieve the highest success possible, it is crucial that our working environment revolve around core principles such as; collaboration, communication, respect, health and learning. Furthermore, although we take development seriously, we are aware that this process isn’t always “fun & games” as many might think and therefore we try to keep it as light as possible by always planning activities outside of the office.

collabOration & communication

We do not compete between one another but rather help each other, no matter the task at hand, to ensure the best results possible. Our goal is to get together and find solutions to the various challenges that arise over the course of developing games.

Yes, we have a hierarchy however we develop every project with the mindset that the “project comes first”. In other words, our projects are driven by the best ideas. Therefore we offer wide opportunities for everyone to offer their two cents. Let it be design, tech or art. and encourage all members to communicate their ideas.

we deplore overtime

The health of each member of our team is crucial and knowing that working an exuberant amount of hours on any given period of time offers no benefits to the development of a project and most importantly, affects the overall health as well as the moral of all individuals. Granted, there will be times when one might be asked to offer more time to attain a deadline but this is rare. We believe that it is far more beneficial to the project and each member if everyone gives their best within normal weekly hours and maintain a balanced lifestyle, than achieve results that are underpart due to exhaustion. Through proper planning and collaboration, we feel that “crunch times” can and should be avoided.


Learning is key to the evolution of each individual. It is important for us that each member of the team remain up to date in their specialization and therefore offer, when possible, continuing education through online classes, seminars, etc. Furthermore, we encourage everyone to expand their knowledge, if interested, in other aspects of development where it could benefit the outcome of the project. We are a company in which many members wear many hats.

Interested in joining the team? The link below will bring you to view our available positions in the company.

GolemLabs is the combination of two words; golem & laboratory.

Our logo is inspired by the ancient Hebrew definition of a golem in which it is described as a “shapeless mass” where, originaly, with the use of lumps of clay, could take on any form and come to life by the means of a charm or combination of letters to form a word. As for laboratory, our work space is an environment where we create and develop innovative ideas through experimenting, testing and research.

Instead of lumps of clay, our logo is depicted by three neurons and each one represent a pillar of game development. They are: Design, Art and Programming. When the neurons are combined in our “laboratory”, similarly to the golem, our projects can take on any shape or form. Golem is a versatile and transformative company.

We are in


Located in the eastern townships, Sherbrooke is the sixth largest city in the province of Quebec. In other words, we have all the convenience of a large city but with so much more trees and less traffic. It is ideal for those looking to live at a “better pace” without missing out on what a larger city can offer and is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Here in Sherbrooke and all the surrounding areas, whether it is cycling, trekking, kayaking, skying or snowboarding, etc., there’s something nearby for everyone and every taste.

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