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A super power(ful) time

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The year was 2003.

I had emerged from my parents basement and embarked along the cold rainy journey to my local gameshop.

Nothing in mind as i sacnned the walls and cases for something that piqued my interest. My mind still spinning from the grand medieval conquests i had just completed. It was called a total war, but with only 5 playable factions it was far from "total".   But my appetite was wet and grand strategy was the genre to quench it... 

Then there it was... a lone copy of a seemingly simple game... The box wasn't flashy, a logo and some stars, but a small caption, its data drawn from cia databases... Alright i thought... I'll give it a chance.

Little did i know how ambitious it was... It was clunky and sometimes broken but it was everything i had wanted in a game. True freedom. Play however, play as whoever. Shape the world to your design. I played it dilligently for over a year until i somehow realized that its sequel had come out without my knowledge. 

Polished and pretty SP2 lured me in with its charm. The menus were deep yet accessible. The game was grand strategy in every sense. The realtime/turn based mixture gave complete control of how i could play it...

And i played it. Like no game ive ever played, i played it. Forwards, sideways, upside down... Hundreds maybe thousands of hours poured into it...  from my u.s. crushing the world and then sadistically hunting for tiny islands nobody even knows about, to those same islands growing and taking over continents it was truly a dream. Solving the u.s. debt problem breaking the games economic system... The slow rise of an african country to one of the worlds powers... Building nukes signing treaties, creating embargoes... It still had its problems but I cant tell you how much i really enjoyed it. 

15 years....

15 years of waiting

15 years of lovingly harrassing golem labs employees

15 years scouring dead and empty forums for a slice of news even just a rumor to keep me going.

Even long after the developers stopped, there were community patches keeping it alive

Then steam edition came out.

Then a website leaked. What a purrfect picture to place.

This cat separated from his meal. So close to its goal but helpless... All it can do is watch.  Just waiting for the moment it'll sink its teeth into it. 

I've filled my time simce with loads of other games but nothing holds a place like these. No geopolitical simulator even comes remotely close...

I don't get fanboy excited at any game. But this one i have a love affair. Can't wait to play.

Thankyou Golem labs for giving an old gamer hope.

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Couldn't have expressed it better. SuperPower and the GolemLabs Community, intellectually, helped make the person I am today. I vividly remember in middle school, not long after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, picking up SuperPower 1 and immediately being enthralled with geography, politics, and economics. Discussing these things on the forums with people from around the world and expressing and confronting our different beliefs and opinions would of been impossible without Golemlabs and the internet age.

EDIT:  Loc = Lokbomb? If so, hey man!!!

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Superpower genuinely piqued my interest in geography, stats, and the such. I wouldn't be the person I am today, nor would I be where I am today. Welcome back all!

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My god, does this reference a Superpower 3 game? 

Also, a forum! And I'm only a couple of years late to the party.

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@joskip just a couple of years, that's not THAT bad 😆 ! Welcome to the GolemLabs forum! 😏