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First off, I'll say how great it is to have the forum finally back!

Second, I was curious if there is going to be any information released regarding the next and/or current project for Golemlabs? No doubt you guys are working on something so I was just wondering if there will be an announcement soon on what it is. I think everyone is hoping it's a new installment of a geopolitical simulator (probably not named Superpower 3), but regardless of what it is, I'm looking forward to hearing about it. Hopefully the new forums opening up is a sign of something soon to come!

I'll also add that even though the release of Superpower 2 was well over 10 years ago, there has not been another company to do it as well as you guys have. I've recently dove back into Realpolitiks just because I'm desperate for some sort of geo-polit game but it just doesn't have anywhere near as fun or realistic gameplay. I think everyone will breathe a sigh of relief whenever you guys get back into your niche.