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Want to know about Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy?

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When can we get a full refund on cancellation of Qatar flight? Under the Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy, the airlines will offer a full discount to every traveller. Also, no cancellation charge would be applied given that the planned takeoff date should be 7 days or more at the hour of wiping out. Refundable and non-refundable tickets meet all requirements for the full discount under this policy, no matter what the outing type and the class of administration booked.


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Yes, I wanna know about qatar airline cancellation policy, I need to cancel the ticket that I book for qatar visit. And I wanna do it online not wanna visit their office. I wanna cancel their ticket because I have an exam for aws security specialist training and this is my final exam and I need to do good in this exam to get a good grade. This thing happen suddenly, I am doing this course from eskills academy and my exam need to be ended before my visit but due to some reason, they reschedule the exam for the day of my visit. That is why I wanna cancel my qatar ticket cancel. Kindly help me out by letting me know how to do it online.