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Why to create own game engine?

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As being a consultant which has strong analytical skills, i always think that spending time and cash on own engine in 2021 make no sense.

Sure code control and no license cost is great feeling, but wait what about all those hardware support, sure during a pandemic there not so much development on hardware side, but still each 5 year we have generation switch on GPU side and with VR it would probably happen again and again.

Fixing bugs in own engine, maybe but this means you need to have a permanent stuff of developers, which pretty good at implementations side and know all ins and outs and its kind of challenging to keep them busy at all times.
From another point,if you depend on engine vendor you are loc in and depending on theirs ability to fix the engine if bugs happens.

When i think in business terms, then a license fees well it can be discouraging if you sell like 1 million units of the game and then just give it away to an engine vendor.
Maybe the right approach is to create a game on foreign engine and do the right software design so that it can be decoupled and on the next iteration of the game used own engine, my favorite motto: flexibility and agility over dependency and false expectations.

Golemlabs folks, so what do you think about?


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It seems to me that when you create something of your own, it always has more personality than when you use something that was made for the average person.