Wow, what do we hav...

Wow, what do we have here?  


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06/02/2019 9:31 pm  

So honestly...2 nights ago I was playing a Paradox game, and my mind wandered to Superpower 2 and all the awesome times I had playing the game as well as browsing the forums and interacting with everyone here.  Then I decided if I could find my old copy of the CD, and amazingly, I did!  It's in my PC now installing!  And in going about to find patches and things, lo and behold, the good old GL forum!  With JR!  And Bender!  I don't know if anyone else from back in the day is here but it sure seems like Golemlabs is working on something new and I'm excited to see what it is!  

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23/05/2019 12:23 am  

So awesome! I think it's fitting that my first post was actually in the "off-topic section" 😆 

"Golemlabs is risen!
...No, seriously, Golemlabs is back"

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10/06/2019 9:39 pm  

Just randomly checked the website, cool to see the forums are back.

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